What does made to order or bespoke mean?

"Made To Order" or "Bespoke" Products will be described as such on the website, they are items which are not currently in stock and will be ordered directly from the manufacturer to fulfill your order. We would ask that you check the dimensions of the product carefully and think about colour choices as due to the fact that these items are ordered specifically for you they cannot be cancelled or returned.


How long does it take to receive my items?

Items "in stock" are deemed to be available and will be packaged and shipped within 5-7 working days. See the full Fermob London shipping terms and conditions.



What if I order a product that is in stock and a product that is made to order?

If you order an item that is made to order and has a lead time, the item instock will be allocated to you and your complete order will be dispatched to you once everything is available for delivery. Your order only includes one delivery so if you urgently require something that is in stock you can process a sale with the click and collect option, and you can collect your item within 24 hours.


Why do Fermob products have such a long lead time? 

Here at Fermob London we carry a large stock holding of products, however with almost 50 different collections, available in 22 different colours the sheer volume of products is huge. Therefore many products are "Made to Order" and have an approximate 6 week lead time. A delay in lead time does not warrant cancellation, by purchasing from Fermob you agree to our terms and conditions of sale. The following guide gives you an idea of what takes place in the Made to Order process, however please be aware that lead times can vary; sometimes there are production or transport issues which are outside of our control. In any instance of delay Fermob London will communicate this directly to you.


Week 1:

Your internet order is received, processed by Fermob London and sent to Fermob (France). Your order is then scheduled into the Fermob production line. 

Week 2:

The metal frame and furniture parts are fabricated at our factory, in Thoissey (France). 

Week 3:

Anti-corrosion treatments are applied, products are quality tested. 

Week 4:

Products are processed to the painting production team, where products are powder coated, then OTF Fabric is applied. 

Week 5:

All products are subjected to resistance checks, feet caps and accessories are added to furniture and quality checked. Each item is carefully checked, packaged and prepared for shipping. 

Week 6:

Products leave the Fermob factory and are in transit being shipped from France to the Fermob London Showroom. There may be public holidays or shipping delays which might affect the timing. Once your order is received we will notify you to schedule in a delivery time. Delivery times are Monday - Friday between 10:00am - 5:00pm. 


Need more information? 

If you have any further queries please see the full Fermob Terms and Conditions or Contact Us to discuss anything in further detail